What is Image Compression?

Image compression can be defined as a process to minimize the size of a graphics file in bytes without degrading the quality of the image to a deplorable level. The reduction in file size is sometimes essential as it allows more images to be stored in less amount of memory space or disk. Image compression online also helps to achieve less time that is required for images to be sent or transfer over the internet as well as shared or viewed.

You can compress images in several different ways. For internet users, the two most frequently compressed image formats are JPEG and PNG. To compress the images, you can easily find an image compression software or an image compression program. The good news is that most of these tools are free.

The proper use of photo compressor or image compressor software can result in a huge difference in the size as well as appearance of the image files. However, image compression is often misunderstood, partly because there is a real lack of insight on what different types of compression including JPEG compression are good for. If you are confused about which type of compression to use for different image types, you will most likely end up with one of the two results: either image files are much larger than they need to or the image files don’t look as good as they could.

How JPEG Compressor Online Helps?

Image compression software has tremendously shifted the approach toward efficient sharing and viewing of images online. The image compression online is offering the same benefits in almost all the industries in existence. Evidence suggests that earlier image compression was used in the data storage, printing, and telecommunicating industries. Today, however, the availability of jpeg or png image compression tool is put to work in different areas such as satellite remote sensing, HDTV, fax transmission, etc. Let’s have a look at a few basic uses of image compression software:

Less required storage space: The reduction in a graphics file size leads to less storage space that it needs to store.

Quicker file sending and receiving: Reduced image file size results in a less time required to send or receive images on the internet.

Quick loading and image viewing: When an image is exposed to image compression online it takes less space on disk and as a result, download faster which also enhances the image viewing. All this is achieved by applying best image compression that also preserves the image quality.

How JPEG Compressor Online Works?

This free jpeg image compressor works by utilizing advanced mathematical formulas which break the image file into smaller grids while slightly changing the pixel information within the grid so that there remains a fewer pixel data. Fewer pixel information means less data, which is equivalent to small file size.

In lossy compression, information is lost and so does the image quality. On the other hand, in lossless compression image quality remains the same without any significant visual difference. Depending on the amount of compression and the original image quality, the changes may not be noticeable at all.

The JPEG Compressor is mostly used by professional photographers who are interested to online showcase of their work whether to earn profits or simply share and inspire with other photographers who are just learning about photography. Image compression is also useful to photographers because it allows them to store more images on the hard drive or any storage space they are using, and it also significantly reduces the time that have to spend for uploading or downloading of the images over the internet.

Lossless Compression vs. Lossy Compression

When they compress image online, many people prefer to only use the image formats that use lossless compression. While it might be superior for many kinds of images, lossless compression might not be necessary for many others. Mainly, lossless image compression means all the image data from the original image file is maintained. On the other hand, lossy image compression tends to eliminate some data from the original image file and saves the image with a relatively reduced image size.

It’s up to you, how much data you want to disregard by selecting the online image compressor to compress image and the image compression rate.

Instructions to Use JPEG Compressor

Using our image compression software is very straightforward and easy. It has a friendly user interface, and it is entirely free.

Click on the button in the drop box to select and upload images or just drag and drop the images in the drop box. You can download the images when they are compressed.

You can only upload up to 20 images of or less than 5 MB.

Does Image Compressor Alters Image Quality?

Today, it is not difficult to find an image compression software or online photo compressor over the internet. Users of JPEG Compressor are mostly concerned about the quality of the compress image. They want to make sure that the online image compressor will not make the image lose its quality. So if you are also worried about your image quality then we promise that our JPEG compressor will preserve the quality of your image. We can’t take the guarantee of all image or photo compressor tools available online or offline, but we can certainly assure you that our JPEG compression tool will not ruin the image quality.

Whether you are looking for an online photo compressor to compress JPEG or PNG image files, you will see that the difference in the quality of compress JPEG image file is hardly visible with the use of our JPEG Compressor.

Is Your Data Secure With JPEG Compressor?

Yes! We guarantee you the 100% safety and security of your data when your use our JPEG compression tool compress image online.

All images that you may upload on our website for lossless image compression are safe because we respect the privacy of our clients and ensure that they enjoy full confidentiality. None of your data is stored or shared in any way.