About Us

Jpegcompressor.net is a free image compression tool with an aim to help our users make their images smaller in size and their websites faster. This improves not only the overall speed but also the bandwidth footprint.

The size of an average web page is usually 2 MB, and most of its size consists of the image size. Similarly, most of the space on the internet comprises of pictures and other visual media. Although, it’s true that an image is worth 1000 words, however, it takes much more space to store or bandwidth to transfer.

While a good website needs to concentrate on the content creation process, it must also pay close attention toward the size of the images used on the websites in order to reduce the page loading time to provide the best user experience.

That’s where we come into play. You can use our image compression program to perform the best image compression without affecting the perceptual image quality. We offer compressed image formats that are supported on all major platforms.

Whether you want to compress images for web or for sharing on social media sites, use our best image compression tool and give us your feedback.