What is Image Compressor and why do we need to compress images for web?

An online image compressor is a useful tool for many professionals especially webmasters. It allows users to compress image online and minimize the image file size to make it more convenient to be uploaded on the web.

The primary objective to compress image is to reduce the graphics file size while keeping its quality intact. Our image compression software is designed exclusively to compress image online for both JPEG. And PNG. formats. This helps the users to manage storage space efficiently as compared to the standard image size. Moreover, reduced image size also uses less bandwidth to upload or download the image.

When people compress images for web, it becomes easier to manage them because the smaller the size of an image is, the convenient it is to store or share it. The compressed image will take less time to be upload or download as well as less storage space. Unlike, large sized images that require significant time to be shared over the internet especially if the internet connection is poor.

The problem becomes worse when someone wants to browse web on a mobile phone. Regular, uncompressed images can take 10 seconds or more to download depending on the internet speed. However, after using an online image compressor or photo compressor to compress image, it takes only about a second to download the compressed image which ensures a better and enhanced user-experience.

Our JPEG Compressor will help you to save time, storage space, and bandwidth. You can compress up to 20 images at once. Image compressor may take only a few seconds to process the images, and then they are ready to be downloaded.